$38 For 38 Weeks

Support The Phoenix Symphony during our 38-week season with a gift of $38!

It's all in a season at The Phoenix Symphony. Over the course of our 38-week season, our musicians will play over 1,800 pieces of music during 300 live performances in over 75 venues across the Valley. Over 36,000 minutes of music will be brought to life in concert halls, classrooms, hospitals and homeless shelters throughout this season.

We believe that artistic expression through music is a vital part of everyone's life. From filling the concert hall with works of art, to providing educational opportunities to Valley students, to providing transformative healing to the sick and homeless, it is our mission to use the joy of music as a catalyst in helping Arizona to become the best place in America to work and live. 

It is only with your help that we are able to carry out our mission. 
While you rely on us to provide world-class music, we rely on you to make it possible. With a simple gift of $38 you will provide the necessary support to:

  • Allow our 66 talented musicians to express artistic excellence in over 300 performances per season
  • Bring the joy of music to over 125,000 children and families
  • Expand cultural opportunities for everyone in our community 
Support The Phoenix Symphony during our 38-week Season with a gift of $38!