Carolyn's Story

Carolyn Eynon, a local singer and artistic director of Carolyn Eynon Singers, shared the story of the time she had an opportunity to conduct The Phoenix Symphony:

"The years fly by but I can remember the night Michael Christie gave me the podium for one orchestral piece of my choosing. I remember it was my husband who bought this opportunity at the New Year's Eve auction, which I co-chaired with Linda Miller.

The selection I chose was "Hoe-Down" from Copland's Rodeo, only 1 minute 45 seconds — fast, sassy, dancelike and so fun to direct. Since I had my podium experience with other Michigan regional orchestras, I was happy to accept this opportunity and knew the players would be very gracious to me.

After I finished the guest directing, I hopped off the stage, heart racing, and feeling so honored to have this opportunity. I also had the honor of doing Sleigh Bells at another holiday concert so I thank The Phoenix Symphony for their professionalism and open-hearted welcoming to a big fan of the organization."

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