Ballet Arizona

This August 2nd concludes our partnership series with Ballet Arizona as we showcase the beloved performance of La Sylphide. Beginning at 9:00 a.m. you will be able to access an on-demand video link, at your convenience, and enjoy this stunning presentation throughout the week.

We are currently working to ensure the complete version of this production is uploaded. Our apologies for the abbreviated version and thank you for your patience! 

Synopsis *

A young Scottish farmer, James, naps in an armchair on the dawn of his wedding day. A winged creature, a sylph, appears by his side. She arouses him with a kiss. James awakens in a state of confusion. He is to marry Effy, but is mysteriously drawn to the sylph. She tempts him and he runs after her, but she disappears. The preparations for the wedding are in full swing. An old fortune-teller, Madge, slips in and sits by the fire. She predicts that Gurn, James’ friend who secretly longs for Effy, will marry Effy instead of James. James becomes furious at Madge’s vision and chases her out of the home; upon her departure she places a curse on him. The sylph shows herself to James again and proclaims her love for him and tells him that she has watched over and protected him for years. Before the wedding ceremony, the sylph takes the ring intended for Effy and rushes into the forest. James willingly follows the sylph, leaving Effy in tears.

*Recording of a February 2019 performance at Symphony Hall.