Below are the four learning categories, each with associated videos, that feature The Phoenix Symphony's Education Programs. 

Behind the Music: Exploring Topics Related to Music and Everyday Life
Music is so much more than just the notes on the page; it’s about the stories of the composers, performers and their instruments. All ages can explore how music is woven into our everyday lives, and how Phoenix Symphony musicians approach topics in music performance.

Getting Better Every Day: Important Musical Lessons from TPS Musicians
Even professionals need to practice every day. Phoenix Symphony musicians share their advice and wisdom on performance and practice and skills even non-musicians could apply to aspects of their lives.

Two is Better than One: Perform a Duet with a Phoenix Symphony Duet
Join Phoenix Symphony musicians in the performance of a short duet, record yourself performing it and let us know about it!

TPS and You: Play an Important Role in a Performance with TPS
The Phoenix Symphony relies on many people to put on our performances, and now, you can be involved, too! The Phoenix Symphony asks for your help in designing our upcoming Symphony for the Schools programs. You can create and submit artwork to be shown during one of those performances and you can put on our famous Symphony for the Schools programs at home with Phoenix Symphony musicians!

Behind the Music: Reading Fluency with Leslie Anderegg

Behind the Music: Expressing Mood through Music with Karen Bea

Behind the Music: Habitats with Adrienne Finet

Getting Better Every Day: Managing Performance Anxiety

Getting Better Every Day: Snare Drum Technique with Steve Fitch

Getting Better Every Day: Slow Practice with Talya Buckbinder

Two is Better Than One: Bach Double Concerto Duet with Anna Kazepides

Two is Better Than One: Henri Kling Duet No. 1 with Nancy Dimond

Two is Better Than One: My Country 'tis of Thee Duet with Greg Umber

TPS and You: Symphony for the Schools - At Home 1: Perseverance